Getting Started

The AltaLIS Virtual Order Desk (VOD) is not viewable in Firefox or Chrome and is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5+ at 1152 by 864 pixels. To login, turn off all pop-blockers. You will then be prompted to install Active X which will allow you to use the interactive map of Alberta. If you have the Google tool bar open you will need to close it.

VOD pages perform best when Temporary Internet files are set to ‘Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every time I visit the webpage’. To select this option go to the Internet menu item ‘Tools’, ‘Internet Options’, and then under the ‘General tab Browsing History’ select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Every time I visit the webpage’.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 and having trouble getting into your Subscription page, go into ‘Tools’, ‘Compatibility View Settings’ and click ‘Add’.

If you are using Windows 10 , and having trouble accessing Internet Explorer (IE), open the Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to In ‘Tools’ click ‘Open in Internet Explorer’. This opens a new IE window with the AltaLIS website. In this new IE browser, select ‘Tools’, ‘Compatibility View Settings’ and ‘Add’ to the list. You should then be able to continue into the VOD.

Log In as Guest

Logging in as a guest allows you to search for and preview the detail of most products. You will be able to place an order through the VOD as a guest but cannot download the files directly from the web site. Alternatively, you can order by email ( or by contacting the AltaLIS Order Desk at 403-716-3490.

VOD Registration

Before you can download data through the VOD, you must have a current license agreement with AltaLIS and be registered to use the ordering system.

If you do not have a current license agreement in place with AltaLIS, please contact an AltaLIS representative ( or 403-716-3490). Our representatives will be happy to assist you in determining the license that best suits your needs.

If you have a license agreement and want to sign up for VOD delivery, click the VOD Registration button on the VOD page. The registration window contains a form asking for individual and company information. Submit this, follow the link to download the WEB agreement, complete & submit to the Order Desk, and you will receive your user name and password. It is FREE to sign up, and you will have the ability to select any products offered through the VOD 24/7, and have them delivered directly to your desktop.


After registering for a VOD account you will receive an email that contains your user name and temporary password. To ensure the security of your account, we ask that you log in and change your password to something that you will recall with ease.

Changing your Password

On the VOD page, fill in your user name and the password provided in the registration email. Click on the "Change Password" button. A new window will prompt you to fill out your user name, old password, new password, and a confirmation of that new password. By selecting "Change Password" this form, you will have changed the password for your account.

Forgot your Password

Should you forget your password, contact AltaLIS via the "Forgot Password" button on the VOD page of the Virtual Order Desk (this generates an email that is auto-sent to AltaLIS), by email (, or phone (403-716-3490) and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Products Available through VOD

Due to file sizes and advanced processing, some of AltaLIS' products are not available for delivery through the Virtual Order Desk. List of products available for download:

Rural Cadastral By the township
Urban Cadastral Complete municipality only
Rural Title By the township
Urban Title Complete municipality only
Dispositions (DIDs) By 250K tiles
DIDs+ By 250K tiles
LiDAR15 DEM By the township
Fortis Facility Data Provincial coverage

Products NOT Available through VOD

List of products Not available from the VOD include:

OPEN Data Products Go to Product and Download Tab
Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) Contact Order Desk

Select a Product

This drop down menu displays the available products. By selecting a product you will set the native grid (displayed just below the drop down menu) in the WebMap window.

Finding Maps

After you select a Product (the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of the screen), there are two ways to search for a map; using the graphic interface called WebMap or using the Query By dropdown menus on the right-hand side of the page.

Graphic Interface

The WebMap graphic interface allows you to zoom, pan, and select maps using the navigation bar. Once you have zoomed into an area, you may add maps to the Query Results by clicking on them in the WebMap window.

Query by Map Name

By selecting the product type you wish to purchase, the Query By function auto-selects the type of search (ATS, NTS, or location). For example, by using the drop down menus for meridian, range, and township you can pinpoint what rural cadastral or title maps you require. To add adjoining maps to your query results, click on the maps in the WebMap window to add them to your Query Results.

If you wish to query multiple products, you must add the Query Results to the Shopping Cart or your previous search results will be lost.

Viewing Maps

You can preview a version of the map you require through the VOD. Not only will you be able to preview your files on the screen, you can also create a printable preview that may prove beneficial for proposals and planning.

Preview Map

Select a single map from your Query results and click the Preview Map button, found under Query Results. This will launch a version of the actual file so that you can zoom, pan, preview, and print.

Print Preview

This button, found in the navigation bar, will open a window with a printable version (containing copyright, contact, and disclaimer information) of the current view in the WebMap window.

Upgrade Map Viewer

If you are trying to preview a map and it comes up with a CGM file error, you may have to install an upgrade of the map viewer. Simply click on this link and select 'download the un-install' batch file. This will un-install your current viewer, and as you log in to the VOD again, you will be prompted to install the latest viewer.

Placing an Order

The VOD has been designed to improve your access to AltaLIS data. The following elements allow you to build, review, and submit an order for processing with greater efficiency. The VOD gives you access to data at any time. There are still several other options available for placing an order. You may place your order by email ( or by contacting the AltaLIS Order Desk at 403-716-3490.

Shopping Cart

To place a map in your shopping cart, select the desired file or files from the Query Results and click on 'Add to ShopCart'. Information about each file will appear in the shopping cart window, including product type, file name, and price. Once you are satisfied with the content of the shopping cart, click Proceed. This will take you to the Order Page.

Ordering Maps

The Order Page allows you to review an order and make any changes that are necessary. Here, you can select the projection and format of your map or maps. If you have more than one map you can select the format and projections individually or use the "Set All" option. Should you decide to remove a map from your order, this is the last place to do so.

Receiving Maps

AltaLIS offers data delivery through the VOD by direct download for registered users. If the product you ordered is not available by direct download or if you placed an order as a guest, your data will be sent to you by email or as per your instructions.


AltaLIS emails all invoices to the person who orders or has been designated to receive them. No PO or Job # is required, but if you would like one shown on the invoice, please indicate upon ordering. AltaLIS does not take Credit Card payments.


WebMap window will not load, how can I place an order?

Sometimes the ‘connection’ between a user and the web site can be faulty even if there is no software or hardware issues at either end. This may be fixed by reconnecting to the site. Try closing and re-launching your browser, then reconnect to the AltaLIS web site.

If the WebMap window still does not load, there could be a mechanical or software problem that has caused our servers to go down. You have two options available to you for placing an order. You may place your order by email ( or by contacting the AltaLIS Order Desk at 403-716-3490.

After clicking submit on the order page, nothing happens.

It can take a couple of minutes for the automated system to assemble your order (retrieve the data, convert, add the support documentation, and zip the files).

If the download page has not come up after more than 5 minutes, there may be other problems. The most common reason is pop-up blockers. These tools are great and are necessary but they unfortunately view our download window as a pop-up. Please disable your blocker for our site.

Some users are 'timing out' when using our VOD site. If your session has gone over 20 minutes, the data will not be delivered (even if you received a 'receipt' email). This feature is necessary to protect your account from unauthorized use.

Sometimes we must run updates during regular business hours. This can occasionally cause problems if you, the client, are trying to download a file just as we're updating it. You may want to try running your order again (the updates will have moved past your file by then) or contact an AltaLIS rep and have them send you the file manually.

When I try to login (as a guest or a registered user), nothing happens.

Do you have your pop-up blocker turned off for the AltaLIS website? If not, turn off the blocker, close and restart your browser, and login again.

Occasionally, new updates to security software or from Microsoft on your end will disable your ability to access our VOD. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control and something you will need to discuss with your IT department.

I didn't get my VOD order.

Re-submit the order. You will not be charged twice. If the problem persists e-mail or call the AltaLIS order desk.