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Alberta Vegetation Inventory

Alberta Vegetation Inventory

The Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) is a photo-based digital inventory developed to identify the type, extent and conditions of vegetation, where it exists and what changes are occurring. AVI provides detailed information to assist in the decision-making process for activities such as forest management planning, wildfire management, wildlife habitat classification, integrated resource management activities and more.

The available coverage includes the Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC) Forest Management Area.


AVI data is purchased by the township or by the section. Custom cuts of each are available from the AltaLIS Order Desk.

$5000 for each Township (complete or partial)

$200 for each Section (complete or partial)

Processing fee and GST apply.

Product Highlights:

The Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) dataset for Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC) has been complied following the Alberta Government (ESRD) Alberta Vegetation Inventory Interpretation Standards Version 2.1.1 (March 2005). The information document included with the delivery provides definitions and detail for 92 AVI attributes such as: Species, Moisture, Crown Closure, Height, Origin, Stand Structure, Vegetation Cover Type, Density, ‘Birth Year’, Understory, and more.

Product Details:

AVI is available by the township or section (including road allowances) in SHP format, UTM projection with the reference meridian of 117 degrees (Zone 11). The Datum is NAD83. Merged mapsheets or custom cuts can be requested from the Order Desk.


Download a sample of the Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) data.

License & Delivery:

This dataset is not available from the Virtual Order Desk (VOD). To order AVI data, complete the license agreement below and contact the AltaLIS Order Desk. Requests can be sent to: or by calling 403-716-3490 and a representative will arrange for delivery.