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The AltaLIS LiDAR15 DEM is derived from the ground surface of a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) point cloud with 30cm vertical accuracy and 1m horizontal resolution. The elevations of the 15 meter post spacing coordinates are derived from the TIN of the full LiDAR ground surface. DEM collected with LiDAR technology enhances the quality of relief, hydrological features, sub-catchment boundaries (basins and watersheds) and drainage networks.

LiDAR15 DEM coverage includes most of Alberta and parts of BC & Saskatchewan. For quotes, inquiries and quick turnaround, call 403-716-3490 or email data@altalis.com.


Alberta and Saskatchewan LiDAR15 DEM mapsheets are available in townships, and the BC portion is sold by the NTS grid.

$100 for each Alberta or Saskatchewan Township (complete or partial)

$200 for each BC NTS Mapsheet (complete or partial)

Volume discounts available for large purchases. Processing fee and GST apply.

Product Features:

LiDAR15 DEM features 15 meter post spacing, Bare Earth XYZ ASCII coordinates. The Vertical Datum is CGVD28 (HT2), the Vertical Accuracy (Z) is 30cm, and the Horizontal Accuracy (X/Y) is 50cm.

Product Details:

All LiDAR15 DEM is NAD83 and the Projection is UTM (reference meridians of 111 degrees (Zone 12) and 117 degrees (Zone 11) in Alberta). BC is in Zone 10 and Saskatchewan is in Zone 9. There are two formats available: Arc Grid ASCII and LiDAR15 ASCII.

ARC GRID ASCII refers to a specific ESRI interchange format developed for ARC Map raster data in ASCII format. The format consists of a header that specifies the geographic domain and resolution, followed by the actual grid cell values.

LiDAR15 ASCII refers to a custom 15 meter DEM in straight ASCII file in a generic format. The ASCII file displays coordinates in a simple XYZ space delimited format.


Download a LiDAR15 DEM township in both ASCII formats to see which one imports best into your terrain modeling software.