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Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is used to create high-resolution digital elevation models (DEM). AltaLIS offers immediate access to over 400,000 square kilometres of full and bare earth LiDAR data through the Imagery Store. This state-of-the-art online delivery system allows you to define specific data requirements such as search methods, coordinate systems, resolutions & output formats, and the data is packaged and FTP’ed within minutes!


LiDAR is priced by the square kilometer (sq km) and the minimum order is 1 sq km ($440). LiDAR is ordered by uploading a defined area SHP file (UTM projection) on the Spatial Data Store. To access the store, select the ‘shopping cart icon’ under ‘Imagery Services’ (look to the left). Volume discounts are available.

Hillshades is a derivative product of LiDAR and is offered as a streaming Web Service through a Views subscription. Hillshade subscriptions include bare earth, full feature and index layers.

Contact the Order Desk for assistance with a LiDAR quote or to inquire about adding Hillshades as a Web Service.

Product Features:

For determining elevations, LiDAR is accurate and cost-effective. A laser beam from an aircraft platform scans the ground perpendicular to the line of flight, and the laser returns, or reflections, from the ground and foliage are processed to determine the ground elevations. As LiDAR penetrates tree cover, it provides the most accurate ground definition possible.

Product Details:

Formats: Full Earth and Bare Earth LiDAR are available in ASCII XYZ, ESRI Arc Binary, Surfer, Binary and ER Mapper. We also offer the option to order a completed hillshade of your area, which are available in JPEG, TIFF and GEOTIFF formats.

Resolution: LiDAR data are available at 2-meter postings. Acquisition point density is approximately 1.14 meters.

Accuracy: Vertical: 30cm & Horizontal: 50cm

Reference: LiDAR is referenced to the Canadian Base Network and vertical data is reduced using the HT v2 GEOID model.

Datum & Projection: Datum is NAD83 and the Projection is UTM.


Download the LiDAR samples below. For immediate access to LiDAR data, log in to the Imagery Store and upload a UTM shape file that defines your area. Orders are delivered VIA FTP within minutes!