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Authority to use public land is granted through dispositions issued under the provisions of the Public Lands Act. A disposition is a land use contract that gives specific rights to a land or resource user (e.g. lease, license, or permit). Examples include: LOC, MSL, EZE, PLA, GRP, etc.

DIDs+ is an enhanced disposition mapping product which combines an extended set of attributes for active dispositions, including primary client (owner) and address information from Alberta Energy’s Land Standing Reports, with the graphical mapping representation of DIDs. The product is updated daily and typically reflects changes made by Public Lands the previous business day.


The DIDs+ subscription price is $6300 per year, which includes unlimited downloads from our Virtual Order Desk. Municipalities or other 'defined' service areas are available for $900 per year.

Transactional fees are $450 for the first 250K file plus $100 for each additional file (within the same transaction).

Additional FTP Service to automate daily DIDs+ updates: $600 per year.

Product Features:

The DIDs+ mapping is a fully GIS dataset available in 1:250 NTS tiles or as a seamless provincial coverage. It contains several types of active dispositions and covers all public lands in Alberta. It is an integrated mapping representation of disposition plans as they are applied for and approved, which is tied to the Alberta Township System Version 4.1 (ATS V4.1) grid. DIDs+ features an extended attribute table (49 fields), and an external database with additional information.

The DIDs+ product contains three shape files: Application (_APPL), LSAS Conflict (_LCON), and Historical (_HIST), and two Access Database files: Discrepancy Database with four tables: ATS Township, Discrepancy Report, Discrepancy Codes, and Dispositions not mapped & DIDs+ Database with four tables: Activities, Clients, Addresses, and Comments.

APPLICATION (main theme): Contains all dispositions as they were applied for and approved and over 49 attributes, including client (owner) names and addresses.

CONFLICT: Dispositions where LSAS information shows the activity in a different quarter section than the application.

HISTORICAL: All cancelled activities, and activities that are replaced by an amendment since August 1, 2005. (Available in SHP format only)

DISCREPANCY DATABASE: Identifies plans that conflict with adjacent plans or have insufficient detail for mapping purposes. As the GOA resolves any discrepancies, they are updated in DIDs.

DIDs+ DATABASE: Additional information for client (owner) names, addresses, and general comments.

Product Details:

DIDs+ mapping is updated daily and available in both 250K NTS tiles and seamless provincial coverage in GIS format (ESRI SHP/Geographic). NAD83 is the datum for all Disposition mapping.


Download a 250K tile of DIDs+ mapping in SHP format below. A list of the disposition types and attribute definitions can be found in the information document, which is included in the sample package.