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In March of 2005, the Government of Alberta created a 'frozen' version of the ATS Coordinates and labelled it V4.1. This version, which is based on three governing points per section, is the current ATS file to be used for geo-referencing digital plan submissions made to the Provincial Government.

ATS V4.1 Polygons:

Provincial coverage of legal sub division (LSD), quarter section, section, each with statutory road allowances, and township polygons, derived from ATS V4.1 coordinates.

Complete provincial coverage consists of approximately 7165 townships packaged and delivered one seamless coverage for each layer.

ATS V4.1 Coordinate files:

The Alberta Township System (ATS) Coordinate File is an ASCII data file containing geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude in degrees and decimals thereof) for every governing quarter section corner in the province of Alberta.

ATS Query Tool Database:

ATS survey pin coordinates and calculated points for other quarter section corners, taking into account road allowances and road widening as they are identified in ATS V4.1.


ATS V4.1 Polygons & ATS V4.1 Coordinates (including historic versions):

These datasets are available at no cost under the Open Data License and are accessible from the download tab.

ATS Query Tool Database

$750 for the complete database.

Processing fee and GST apply.

Product Features:

ATS V4.1 Polygons includes polygons for Legal Sub Divisions (LSD), quarter section, section, each with statutory road allowances & township polygons, derived from the ATS V4.1 coordinates.

ATS V4.1 Coordinate files are geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude in degrees and decimals of degrees).

ATS V4.1 Query Tool Database includes 10TM, UTM and Lat Long coordinates for every quarter section in Alberta.

Product Details:

ATS Polygons were derived from the ATS V4.1 Coordinate file, and are available in GIS (SHP) format: Geographic projection, NAD83. Accuracy is +/- 3 meters.

ATS V4.1 coordinates are available in ASCII format: Geographical projection, NAD83.

Sample & Free Downloads

Download a sample of the ATS Polygon product that includes LSD, ¼ section, and section; each with Road Allowances & Township polygons.

Please click on the link above to download the ATS V4.1 township grid for FREE!

The ATS V4.1 Coordinate file is a FREE download! Please click on the link above to download this file directly to your desktop.

There are 9 older (historic) versions of the ATS Coordinates. Download the bundle for FREE by clicking on the link above.