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Ortho Imagery

An Ortho Image is an aerial photograph geometrically corrected ('ortho-rectified') using ground elevation data to correct displacements caused by differences in terrain relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt. There are two ways to search and access the imagery most suitable for your project:

On-Line Imagery store

The On-Line Imagery Store features interactive search and preview tools and the ability to upload a shape file to show the available imagery products, coverage, resolution and price (Minimum $87.75).  Payment is made by Credit Card and the imagery is instantly delivered by an emailed FTP link.  

Off-Line Imagery Store

AltaLIS offers an extensive library of pre-packaged, ¼ township GeoTiff (uncompressed) and SID (compressed) images, that are not available from the On-Line Imagery Store. These high quality ortho-images were flown from 2010 – 2016 and the GeoTiff images are priced between $75 - $300 depending on the vintage and resolution. SID images can be bundled for an additional $10 per file. Volume discounts are available. Volume discounts are available for purchase of over 200 1/4 Townships.

Contact the AltaLIS Order Desk at 403-716-3490 or Email: for a quote and delivery options.

Product Features:

When an aerial photograph is geometrically corrected for distortions caused by topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt, it becomes ortho rectified. Orthophotos have a uniform scale, providing an accurate representation of the earth’s surface, and can be used to measure true distances. This makes imagery easy to integrate within a GIS platform as well as other mapping applications.

Product Details:

Ortho-Images available from the On-Line Imagery Store and Off-Line library are all high resolution, high accuracy, geo-referenced images ranging from 25cm – 1.5m resolution, digital color, black/white, flown over various periods between 2007 – 2015. There are a multitude of images available depending on your area of interest, the currency you require, and the resolution you need.


Ortho-Images are available in multiple projections, coordinate systems and formats including JPEG, GEOTIFF, SID, TIFF, and PNG from the On-Line Imagery Store. The Off-Line ¼ township bundles come with a GeoTiff (uncompressed), an optional SID (compressed) image, TFW & TXT metadata files.


The imagery samples below are just a few of the many available options. Select the On-Line Imagery Store to refine your search, or contact the AltaLIS Order Desk to access to the ¼ township bundles.