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Small Scale Topographic

Small Scale Mapping

1:250 000 Base

A vector representation of the major topographic features covering Alberta, commonly used in small scale mapping applications such as: fleet and logistics management, infrastructure planning, market analysis, navigation and positioning, exploration, and other map production.

Provincial coverage consists of 50 files, which are tiles using the National Topographic System (NTS) grid. Each 1:250000 NTS map sheet covers an area of approximately 160 townships.

1:1 Million Base

Major highways, hydrographic features, and administrative boundaries are represented on this small-scale map of the entire province. This product provides a useful base for mapping large areas, referencing other layers such as vehicle tracking routes, or supporting regional planning decisions.

Although the 1:1 million and 1:2 million products have similar features, the 1:1 Million offers more detail.

1:2 Million Base

This small-scale map provides a generalized provincial coverage of major features within Alberta. The 1:2 Million is suitable for a graphical backdrop or can be restructured for more sophisticated applications.


Small Scale datasets are available at no cost under the Open Data License and are accessible from the download tab.

MicroStation Design Files (DGN) are available for a minimum service fee of $50

Product Features:

Alberta Township System Linework - section level for surveyed territory and township level for unsurveyed territory (1st Generation ATS Coordinate File)

Hydrography - major hydrographic features including lakes and rivers

Transportation - primary and secondary highways, roads, and railways

Geo-Administrative Boundaries - Electoral, Judicial, City, First Nation, Forest Reserve, International, Provincial, Provincial Park, National Park, Metis Settlement, Military Range, Wilderness Area. Text and symbol features for Port of Entry, Post Office, Railway, Station, Town, Village, Hamlet, and Summer Village.

Product Details:

1:250 000 projection is UTM (Reference Meridians of 111 degrees (Zone 12) and 117 degrees (Zone 11)), accuracy is +/- 100m, available in Auto Cad (DWG) format.

1:1 & 1:2 Million projection is 10TM (Reference Meridian of 115 degrees), accuracy is +/- 500m, available in AutoCAD (DWG) format.

Datum is NAD83 for all Small Scale

MicroStation Design Files (DGN) are available by contacting the Order Desk.