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20K Historic Base

1:20 000 Historic Base

The 1:20 000 Historic Base series includes a digital representation of natural and manmade features that portray the topography and shape of Alberta. These files are an excellent reference base for the integration of subsequent land related information.

Coverage includes the entire province (2684 files), with the exception of Federal and First Nation lands. Map sheets are available by the National Topographic System (NTS) grid, and a 1:20 000 map sheet covers approximately 2.5 townships in area.


The 1:20 000 Historic Base is available at no cost under the Open Data License and are accessible from the download tab.

Multiple formats and projections are available for a minimum service fee of $50

Product Features:

Transportation - Major and minor transportation routes including cut lines seismic lines, and railways.

Hydrography - All natural and manmade hydrographic features greater than 400 metres in length.

Geo-Administrative Boundaries - Boundaries or text/symbols for features such as: County/Municipal District, City, Town, First Nation, Parks, Hamlet, Locality, & Post Office.

Alberta Township System linework – Road allowances and quarter section level linework. 30 NTS blocks (i.e. 83A) updated to 3rd Generation ATS Coordinate File. 20 NTS blocks (i.e. 84G) 2nd Generation ATS Coordinate File.

Contour Linework – Two dimensional contour lines at 10m (20m in mountainous regions) intervals and elevation text derived from 1:20 000 DEM data.

Product Details:

With an accuracy of +/- 5 metres, the open 1:20 000 Historic Base dataset is NAD83, has a projection of 10TM (reference meridian 115) and the format is AutoCAD (DWG).

Alternative formats; UTM (reference meridians of 111 degrees (Zone 12) and 117 degrees (Zone 11)) and MicroStation Design Files (DGN) can be requested from the Order Desk.

It is important to note this is a cartographic dataset. GIS data users are encouraged to consider the
1:20 000 Base Feature dataset as an alternative.