Standard Purchasing Options

Standard purchasing refers to the transactional or ‘one off’ licensing of products available through AltaLIS. Our products are individually priced and volume discounts are available for large purchases. The terms and conditions are modified to meet the copyright needs of our various partners.

Standard End User, LiDAR15 DEM, Utility Data, and Vegetation Licenses

The Standard End User, LiDAR15 DEM, Utility, and Vegetation Data License are used for one time transactional purchases. Once a company signs a License to purchase data, future purchases can fall under the same agreement. Download the appropriate license and send to the AltaLIS Order Desk. AltaLIS will assign the License # and return a signed copy by email.

Third Party Contractor, LiDAR15 DEM & AVI Third Party Agreement

AltaLIS Third Party Agreements are completed by a contractor that has been hired or engaged by an End User to do work on their behalf. Contractors will download the Third Party Agreement, provide a copy to the End User client & email a copy to AltaLIS. The End User can then supply the contractor with AltaLIS data for their project.

Standard License Agreement – For transactional purchases

Third Party Agreement – Contractor access to end user data

LiDAR15 DEM License Agreement – For transactional purchases

Utility Data License Agreement – For transactional purchase

AVI License Agreement – For transactional purchases

Complete and return by email to or fax to Order Desk at 403-716-3494

Standard Purchasing Options

License Agreements define the legal conditions under which AltaLIS products can be used. End users are encouraged to enhance their internal infrastructure, create printouts or hard copy reports, display the data as a backdrop for web based applications, or present the data in any other non-extractable format.
Re-distribution of extractable data is not permitted.

Re-distribution principles of AltaLIS datasets are described in the following document.