Web Download

WEB Download Agreements

The Virtual Order Desk provides access to mapping datasets. Guests are encouraged to search for a map, preview, print a hard copy, or generate a data request.

Web Download agreements allow registered users to download up to date mapping directly to their desktop. Download the WEB Agreement, sign, and return to AltaLIS. AltaLIS will assign an agreement number and send you a personalized password for access to data 24/7.

Web Download Agreements

AltaLIS Web Use Agreement – For transactional downloads

Subscription Web Use Agreement – Updates to a predefined coverage

Complete and return by email to or fax to Order Desk at 403-716-3494

Re-Distribution of Digital Data

License Agreements define the legal conditions under which AltaLIS products can be used. End users are encouraged to enhance their internal infrastructure, create printouts or hard copy reports, display the data as a backdrop for web based applications, or present the data in any other non-extractable format.
Re-distribution of extractable data is not permitted.

Re-distribution principles of AltaLIS datasets are described in the following document.