Who We Are

AS THE AGENT FOR Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP), formerly Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. (SDW), AltaLIS has the responsibility of making Alberta's base mapping infrastructure more available, accessible, accurate and affordable. AltaLIS Ltd. is a joint venture company with shares being held by The Silvacom GroupTM and MNC Ltd.

Since April 1998 the AltaLIS team has been performing the continued updating, re-engineering, storage, distribution, value-added redistribution and general management of primary provincial mapping data sets: Urban & Rural Cadastral, Topographic, DEM and Small Scale.

The partnership between AltaLIS and ADP has also facilitated the creation and maintenance of 7 new datasets: ATS Polygons, Urban & Rural Title Mapping, Municipal Boundaries, Disposition Mapping, Fortis Facilities, LiDAR15 DEM and Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI). AltaLIS is continually working towards enhancing delivery mechanisms, and our interactive website allows users to view data and download mapping directly to their desktop.

In recent years, we have established partnerships with Valtus, Airborne Imaging, Fortis and Forest Management companies to enhance our suite of product offerings and work towards becoming a ‘One Stop Shop’ for data in Alberta.