Role of ADP

Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (ADP), formerly Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. (SDW), is an Alberta-registered, not-for-profit company created in 1996 to take over and fund digital mapping activities that were previously undertaken and funded by the Government of Alberta (GoA). It has proven to be one of the most successful P3 (Private Public Partnership) initiatives within the Province of Alberta.

Through a Mapping Data Agreement (MDA) between ADP and the GoA, ADP is assigned the stewardship role for Alberta's primary mapping datasets. With the tagline ‘Sustainable Spatial Data for Responsible Development’ ADP maintains data as the core to regulate, build, privatize, preserve the investment and ownership, and make Alberta's base mapping infrastructure more available, accessible, accurate, and affordable.

As a 'virtual' company, ADP oversees a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with its long term operating partner AltaLIS Ltd., who was selected through a competitive procurement process in 1998 for their proven expertise in data management, maintenance, marketing, and data distribution.

AltaLIS is responsible for the day to day activities related to Alberta's base mapping infrastructure. ADP's role is to act as the steward and is governed by a board of directors that represent Government, utilities, municipalities, oil & gas, forestry, and other stakeholders.